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The process of applying pigments to various substrates is of great interest to Tom. He loves to work and re-work paintings, scraping, layering, and cutting. Tom accepts flaws, erasures, and concealments as necessary. He employs chance. Tom uses traditional oils, industrial coatings, inks, lacquers, shellac, asphaltum, alkyd, acrylic, graphite, paper, canvas, and panel. The paintings’ forms and colors are abstracts of the landscape he lives in, yet he avoids including details that would imply a specific place. Tom portrays a sense of place through paint.


Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Washington, Seattle, WA: 

Post Baccalaureate Studies 

Artists Studied Under

Michael Dailey

Robert C Jones

Larry Metcalf

Spencer Moseley

Michael Spafford

Thomas T Wilson

Museum Collections

Yakima Valley Museum, Yakima WA



Abeyta Nelson Law

Chinese Jesus Design Studio

Lark Restaurant 

Mission Hills Conference Center


PeachTree Plaza

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

The Edmund Meany Hotel

The Tabor Center

Westin LAX

Westin Rancho Mirage

Body of Work

1995-00: Assemblage (sold out)

2000-10: Markings (sold out)

2001-04: Haiku (sold out)

2014-16: Four Letter Word (sold out)

2015-18: En Medias Res (sold out)

2015-17: Observation Topography (available) 

2018-21: Siskiyou (sold out)

2021-current: Borders & Adjacencies (available)

2022-current: Joshua Tree (available)



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