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Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2024

"We are immensely grateful to Ryan James

for hosting us in his beautiful gallery

which added an extra layer of elegance

to the afternoon."

-Greet Kirkland June 2024

"What is this, a gallery for ants?

A fun loving group gathering at 

ryan james fine arts" April 2024

"Next level gallery spotlighting

incredible artists! A Kirkland must see!"

-American Dream TV April 2024

On The Ladder

-425 Business Magazine March 2024


Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2023

City Scene: Where neighbors

can see and be seen

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine September 2023

"transforming a childhood dream into

a thriving reality"

-CanvasRebel August 2023

“Plenty of people snapping up work"

-The Seattle Times July 2023


Best Art Gallery

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine 2023

Gallerist Ryan James says, 

"You don't have to be an expert to buy art!"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine March 2023


"Kirkland is beyond lucky to host this extremely talented curator of the arts. Not only has Ryan created an elegant, modern, and stimulating space at Kirkland Urban, he is genuinely committed to his community"

-Inside Kirkland February 2023

Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2022

"Invigorating the cultural & social landscape through the arts"

-Greet Kirkland November 2022



-Edge Magazine Summer Issue 2022


"Don't Miss It!"

-Public Display Art Magazine July 2022

Best Art Gallery

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine 2022


"The Business of art to curate and find an artist of interest to show to the public while often focusing on a specific area of art"

-425 Magazine March 2022


"Vivid carefree colors with

labor-intensive techniques"

-425 Magazine March 2022


"Providing Hope

during dark times"

-Kirkland Living March 2022


"Must see artists working in the field of contemporary art, each in their own distinctive style"

-Kirkland Lifestyle February 2022

"Clarity and Hope"

Kolaj Magazine January 2022

"ryan james fine arts brings a moment of respite as you view the art on display"

-Kirkland Living January 2022


"The Fine Art of Gifting. Give the gift of art this season from one of these exceptional Pacific Northwest artists. Featuring Gallery Artists Hannah Seki and Ericka Wolf"

-425 Magazine December 2021


"There are many works of quality, 

which makes any exercise, judgmental

or otherwise, pleasurable"

-Yakima Herald-Republic November 2021


"The Artist Way"

-Arches Autumn 2021

"The Business of art. Ryan James' role is to curate and find artists of interest"

-425 Business September 2021

Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2021

"Covering the non-objectionable in  performance art and mixed-media work"

-Suley Era Magazine April 2021

"Casual yet intimate setting 

at Kirkland Urban"

-Kirkland Reporter April 2021


Inside Scoop: 

New home for Ryan James

-425 Magazine April 2021


"Ryan James is on the move"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine April 2021


"Deck the walls and the halls with 

Ryan James Artwork Rental Library"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine December 2020


"Gallery Partners cultivating a gallery that fosters the careers of local artists"

-Be Local Magazine December 2020


Best of Kirkland

2020 Best Community Volunteer

-Kirkland Reporter November 2020

"Celebrating an 

Artistic Icon"

Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine September 2020

Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2020

"Ryan James gallery features

an expansive artwork collection"

-425 Magazine May 2020

"Good Times"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine May 2020


"The Loan Rangers" 

-Town & Country Magazine April 2020


"Seattle's perfect little secret" November 2019


"Ryan James reveals its

gallery secret, Belltown"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine June 2019


"Be a part of the party"

-Kirkland Living Magazine June 2019

"Ryan James has become a household

name in the Eastside and Seattle 

arts communities"

-425 Magazine May 2019


Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2019

"More committed to the Eastside

than anyone I know"

-Nicole Mangina 425 Show February 2019

"The ryan james fine arts roster is rich with prominent pioneering Washington artists" 

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine February 2019

"Staring at your wall

and thinking they need a

contemporary refresh?

Ryan James has something for you"

-Nicole Mangina 425 Show January 2019


"On your itinerary for romance in Kirkland,

ryan james fine arts" 

-Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine December 2018


"Clients often identify with a special piece

of artwork and inquire as to its source of

origin than are delighted to discover that

these pieces are sourced from local artists"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine December 2018


"Ryan James is an artist at heart.

He may not be the one putting 

brush to canvas, but his passion for art

and eye for talent provides the perfect

blank canvas for his career"

-Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine October 2018

"Ryan James has the eye to spot

the best of the best"

-425 Business Magazine June 2018

Best of 425: Art Gallery

-425 Magazine 2018


"Visual Impressions is the rare

art competition that is based

not just on what the jury sees

but also on an extensive interview process

with artists under consideration"

-The Olympian May 2018


"Revitalizing the art market on the Eastside" March 2018


"On The Ladder"

-425 Business January 2018


 "James’ greatest passion for his business

is bringing arts to the community

and developing strong community relationships"

-Kirkland Reporter December 2017


"Eastside Art Gallery to visit"

-425 Magazine November 2017

"A unique enclave of art"

-Destination Hotels Travel Blog October 2017

"Creating an experience to be

inspirational as well a fun"

- Kirkland Living Magazine October 2017


"In Kirkland, ryan james fine arts

is a pioneer all its own, helping push

the region’s art scene

beyond the bounds of Seattle"

. – September 2017


"This fine art studio focuses

on paving the way

and shaping the modern, abstract,

and conceptual movements

through the way they curate"

-The Stranger September 2017


"Really quality presentation"

-Pat Pauley Art Beat NW September 2017


"The Garden of You sculpture park

 showcases the passionate work

of Washington artists, symbolizing the

intersection of design and engineering"

-Kirkland Reporter July 2017

"We're getting excited about art" June 2017

"Beautifully curated"

-Yuliya Suleymanova Suley Media May 2017


"Celebrating art in its many forms"

-Kirkland Living Magazine May 2017


"Rebuilding arts in the community"

-Kirkland Reporter May 2017


"Today Ryan James is living the dream"

-The List: Ryan James

-425 Magazine April 2017

"Inspiration surrounds me"

-Kirkland Living April 2017

"An artistic reawakening in Kirkland"

-Destination Hotels Travel Blog March 2017


"A project of poetic responses to visual arts"

-Gardner Center Seattle Asian Art Museum October 2016


"Quality is really there"

-Pat Pauley Art Beat NW October 2016


"Ryan James has built a reputation

on the Eastside for

specializing in value growth artwork"

-Kirkland Living Magazine July 2015


425 Reasons to Love the Eastside:

ryan james fine arts #257

-425 Magazine January/February 2015


"Ryan James’ ebullient personality

is an accurate reflection

of his gallery’s vision"

-Totem Lake Bulletin October 2013

"It's a secret you heard here first"

-Seen TV September 2013

"A new gallery concept bringing

 together arts & community"

-Bellevue Reporter July 2013


"Rain of Emotions"

-Luxe Magazine June 2013


"Live, distinctly. Select the perfect

piece of art for your home

with ryan james fine arts" June 2013

"art plays a role in

making sustainability fashionable" June 2013


"Art interest grows with new gallery"

–425 Magazine May/June 2013


"Curation is outstanding"

-Hot Press March 2013

"Engaging events"

-Currently Kirkland March 2013

"It's not just art, it's entertainment!"

-Bellevue Downtown Magazine Spring 2013


“Locating art for your home should be utilized

through a gallery 

that will take the time to get to

know you as a person"

-Consumer Media Network November 2012


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