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Sijae Byun is a multi-media artist focused on layered silk paintings using ink, acrylic, pigment, and oil. Her main theme centers around different relationships that exist in the world. That could be human interaction with one another, nature, or nature on its own. The relationships people have with objects and their surroundings interest her in particular. She explores these concepts by combining different ideas and elements. Many of her recent works combine nature and architecture to show two potentially opposing elements coming together harmoniously.

Artist Solo Show October 2024


School of Visual Arts, New York , NY:
Master of Fine Arts

Kookmin University College of Art, Seoul, Korea:
Master of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts

Artists Studied Under

YeoHyun Kwon
JangSik Shin

Museum Collections

The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.



UOB Bank of Singapore
Raffles Singapore


Body of Work

2009: Rice Cooker Man (available)
2010: Village (available)
2011: Relationship (sold out)
2013: Segmentation (available)
2013: Circulation-Respiration (sold out)
2013: Wind and Jungle (available)
2015-2019: Moon (sold out)
2016: Multifarious (sold out)
2015-17: Meeting and Mixing (sold out)
2019-Current: Time (available)
2015-Current: Birth (available)
2019-Current: Gravity(available)


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