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Seya Kim shares a delicate and serene feel with soft, rhythmic movements deep within the canvas. She uses consistent color tones that run together in her paintings expressing quiet movements. The use of long and short, horizontal and vertical, planned and spontaneous strokes throughout her work, allows her to express a beautiful and cohesive mood in a very distinct piece. Seya’s passion lies deep within her art and she is known for expressing a sense of relaxation to the urban lifestyle through her paintings.


Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea:

Bachelor of Fine Arts



Cascade Valley Insurance

Ledger Square Law  

Iljin Steel Inc.

Shelgren Financial and Lincoln Investments


Body of Work: 

2015-16: Sounds (sold out) 

2017-20: Soft Control (available)  

2018-current: Basic Space (available)

2019-current: Opening Door (available)

2023-current: Walk and Stay (available)



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