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Call to Artists
2023 5
th Biennial

Visual Impressions Juried Show 

The Purpose

Held every other year, ryan james fine arts utilizes Visual Impressions to source new artists local and

national working in the fields of Modern, Abstract, Conceptual to represent in the WA area. 


November 2022 applications open

March 31st: application deadline

April- May: jury panel artwork review

May: Zoom & In-Person interviews

May 29th: exhibiting artists notified

June 9th: all artists notified

June 17-30th: artwork delivery

Exhibition July 2023

The Process

As an applicant, you have four options for how your artwork is reviewed by the Jury Panel.

Option 1: Present your works and meet with the Jury Panel in person at the gallery 

Option 2: Present your works and meet with the Jury Panel via Zoom

Option 3: Website review (no jury interaction), the Jury Panel reviews your body of work via your website

Option 4: Image review (no jury interaction), the Jury Panel reviews only the artwork images submitted in the application

Jury Panel

2023 VI Curator: Cassandra Locke

Vincent Ball- Design Director

Kimberly Balla- Artist Development Coach

Patricia Cameron- Art Consultant,

Founder Patricia Cameron Gallery

Michael Dickter- Artist

Museo Gallery

Tracy MacLean- Commission Chair,

Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission

Milan Heger- Artist,

Principal Heger Architects

Kerry Itami- Gallery Artist

Jennifer Jedda- Curator of Objects

Owner JJ Caprices

Jessica Kravtiz- Gallery Partner,

ryan james fine arts

Dawn Laurant- Art Appraiser,

Principal Laurant Fine Arts Appraisal

Ruby Linder- Gallery Artist

Rand Perez- Corporate Art Curator,


Laura Viola Preciado- Gallery Artist

Jaurdey Samual- 425 Magazine

Miha Sarani- Arts Non-Profit Director,

Kirkland Arts Center Gallery Director

Hannah Seki- Gallery Artist

Joeseph Steininger- Artist

Jill Wakefield- Board of Trustees, 

Bellevue Arts Museum

Nancy Whittaker- Gallery Director,

Museo Gallery

Rya Wu- Art Curator


First Place

Curator's Award

Peoples' Choice

Past Award Winners

2020: Curated by Karry Itami

1st Place Cassandra Locke

Curator's Award Christine Romanell

Tsuga Framing Peoples' Choice Hannah Seki

Emerging Artist Grant Jibril Emanuel

RJFA Placement: Kellie Becker,

Cammy Davis, Maery Lanhan,

Janice TaylorPaul Young

2018: Curated by Kimberly Balla

1st Place Gianna DiBartolomeo

2nd Place Lynette Charters

3rd Place Seya Kim

RJFA Placement: Jeffrey Glossip,

Nino Yuniardi

2016: Curated by Charlotte Dean

1st Place Grace Lim

2nd Place Qin Tan

3rd Place Claire B Jones

Director Award Courtney Odell

RJFA Placement: Kimberly Balla

Laura Viola Preciado

2014: Curated by George Tuton

1st Place Adriana Quezado

2nd Place Jeemin Kim

3rd Place Katlyn Hubner

NW Framing Peoples' Choice Adam Yaw

Woodmark Award Janene Pierce

How to Apply


Visual Impressions 2025 applications open November 2024

*Out-of-state applicants, if your work is selected for the VI Exhibition you are responsible

for shipping costs to and from the gallery 


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