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Laura Viola Preciado’s work explores process, technique, and materials searching for the tension between beauty and inelegance. Paint, ink, pigments and water are applied with intention while still allowing them to respond in ways fundamental to their properties. The colors and shapes are an expression of Laura’s visual language developed from diverse life experiences including the environment and light of the Pacific Northwest. Lines are drawn and decisions made but the nature of paint and water push boundaries and leave a record of their building and destruction. Laura edits embracing the accidental, the intentional and the places where they meet

Hartford Art School, West Hartford, CT:

Bachelor of Fine Arts




Body of Work
2016-current: Stain (available) 
2016-current: Scar (available)

2019-current: Veiled (available)

2019-current: Flesh and Bones (available)

2020-current: Raw (available) 

2022-current: Point of View (available)



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