Jeffrey Glossip's work rides a fine line. The work builds itself out of competing but complementary ideas of information; the binary and the quantum.

The hard and the soft.
The precise and the loose.
The digital and the analog.
Perhaps the urban and the suburban.

Yet also, there is
Fluidity of style
Altering states of relationships
And the shifting of purity and singularity of hue and color structure

And then there is planned composition and found composition at the same time.
Quickly planned composition avoiding sticky contemplation in implementation which is then built upon on the fly.

Paint is an ancient technology. Here it is presented as reinvented as an evolutionary technology particularly suited to examine these relationships

Artist Solo Show November 2023


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA:

Master of Fine Arts

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lancaster University, Lancaster, England

Body of Work:

2000-08: Fear (sold out)

2003-10: Flat Plane (available)

2007-09: Anchor (available)

2007-12: Stripes (available)

2008-12: Grids (available)

2014-current: Space (available)

2018-current: Composition (available)

2020-current: Air (available) 

2021-current: Structure (available)