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Gallery Exclusive for Washington


How can “on” and “off” happen at the same time when we are so sure of ourselves and our thoughtful objectivity? Can space be similarly interwoven to reveal a tangle of dimensions?


If color is a marked wavelength and frequency, then it must be sure of itself. An orange screams with bellowing warmth, while a deep blue rests in its own trough. When the two meet, a new relationship is formed, and at that meeting place each color is mutated to be something beyond what it was alone. This is not just harmonizing or clashing, but a change of state. The question then is “what color is true orange really?”.


When paint goes onto canvas it sits on the surface…it is placed there. From that place new geometry happens. Bands and bars and angles and lines all emit their motives, but they are swayed by their prescribed colors. In essence, nothing can exist without color. 


At one of those places the paint is scraped, at another it is brushed. So tenuous is the relationship of those marks and their shapes that everything looks as if it is so close to falling apart…so close to collapsing. Therein is the energy, the life of the painting. This dynamic relationship of color and shape and space reaches out to be seen. Even to be touched. 


Paint is ancient. Painting is human, but painting is also its own life force. Making a painting is fine, but arriving at a painting is better. 


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA:

Master of Fine Arts

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lancaster University, Lancaster, England

Body of Work

2000-08: Fear (sold out)

2003-10: Flat Plane (available)

2007-09: Anchor (available)

2007-12: Stripes (available)

2008-12: Grids (available)

2014-current: Space (available)

2018-current: Composition (available)

2020-current: Air (available) 

2021-current: Structure (available) 


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