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Gallery Exclusive for Washington

As humans, we force what cannot be controlled and resist what comes naturally. We are conditioned to feel and to act in certain ways, creating the layers that humanity needs to cope with the circumstances of life. The fabrics in Heather’s work represent the complexities of human emotion. The weight, transparency, and trajectory of each layer provoke feelings and questions from the viewer, much like the stimuli of our lives. 


Heather’s work functions as a cathartic introspection of trauma and abuse.  In sharing her story more openly and expressing her emotions through her work, Heather gains confidence and validation which allows the space to heal.  She paints images of dramatic lighting and dynamic movement in the fabric veiling a figure to elicit a similar sense of inspiration to the viewer.  Showing glimpses of the figure in each piece gives it a sense of humanity and relatability.  While also retaining ambiguity, allowing the viewer to form their own opinions on what they see, what it means and how it makes them feel.


California State University-Chico, Chico CA:

Bachelor of Fine Art

Artists Studied Under

James Kuiper

Jean Marchese-Gallagher

​Museum Collections

Museum of Northern California Art, Chico, CA

Body of Work

2012: Incandescent (sold out)

2021: Introspection (available)

2022: Catharsis (available)

2023-current: Revelation (available) 


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