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Amanda C. Sweet draws inspiration from the estuarine currents, wrack lines, and intertidal zones of Puget Sound in her abstract paintings and works on paper. Sweet’s working methodologies are influenced by natural movement: the constant churn and flow of water, and the shifting and settling of the aging earth. She uses acrylic and low solvent, archival spray paint, paired with masking techniques and elements of chance, to explore transformative, mindful processes that embody the essence of the sea.

Sweet's processes feature the use of stencils as well as masking fluid applied with multi-jointed brushes to control what is revealed in the underpainting, including color and texture. The unique stencils are sourced from other studio works and the masking fluid brushes are customized by the artist, each of which contributes to the organic, authentic feel of the iterated shapes and gestures.


University of Washington, Seattle, WA:

Master of Fine Arts in Painting + Drawing

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI:
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting

Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities, SC

Artists Studied Under

Michael Brodeur

David Brody

Ann Gale

Philip Govedare

Holly Hughes

Denzil Hurley

Mary Jones

Zhi Lin

Helen O'Tolle

Duane Slick


The University of Washington


Body of Work

2013-16: Works on Paper I (available)

2018: Works on Paper II (available)

2018-20: Fugue (available)

2019-20: Works on Paper III (available)

2019-20: Wrack (available)

2019-20: Undertow (available)

2020: Sublunar (available)

2020-current: Low Tide (available)

2021: Works on Paper IV (available)

2021-current: Tidal (sold out)

2021-current: Currents (available)

2022-current: Works on Paper V (available)

2022: Brushstrokes (available)

2023-current: Waxing Moon (available) 

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