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Peter Juvonen's work begins by painting with a palette knife and brush, non-objective shapes that color the entire canvas. He then goes with white paint and thickly turns the shapes into lines and much smaller shapes, by making the shapes smaller the color is intensified. Peter continues to thicken the surface until it becomes a physical presence, the lines become a type of musical notation.  By taking away almost all of the painting an leaving only fragments of images it seems to create a musical eyescape.

Artists Studied Under

William Cumming




Hyatt Hotels



Seattle Arts Commission

Seattle City Light

Swedish Hospital

Washington State Arts Commission

Body of Work

1984-85: Abstracts (sold out)

1986-90: New Abstracts (sold out)

1991-93: Abstract Still-Life (sold out)

1994-95: Figurative (available)

1995-96: Florals (sold out)

2002-03: Credit Card Works (available)

2006-07: Monotypes (available)

2013-14: Abstract Interiors (available)

2014-18: Abstract Figurative (available)

2016-18: Finnish Ryijis Series (available)

2018-19: Abstract Florals (available)

2020-21: Seascapes/Cloudscapes (available)

2022-23: Waterfall Icebergs (available)

2024-current: Painted Music (available)


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