Nino Yuniardi embarks on a journey of self-reflection. Each painting begins with a question, and through exploration, grows into a narrative; an abstraction of an aspect of life where the materials, colors, and textures become phrases and chapters describing the journey, not just the ending. The process is iterative and celebrates the curiosity and imperfection that makes life dynamic. Though each painting documents a personal journey, he invites others to reflect on their own experiences through the work. If we are brave enough to look inward, we will see that curiosity is beautiful. 

Artist Solo Show October 2022


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, WA:

Associate of Arts 


Collections:, Inc.

Garrigan Lyman Group

GroupHealth Cooperative
Jill Lewis of JLArchitecture
Overlake Hospital
Trophy Cupcakes

Body of Work: 

2017-2020: Hope (available) 

2018-2020: Flow (sold out)

2018-current: Melting Pot (available)  

2020-current: Leftovers (available) 

2020-current: Second Life (available) 

2020-current: Snack (available)