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When Nino Yuniardi creates, he embarks on a journey of self-reflection. Each painting begins with a question, and through exploration, grows into a narrative; an abstraction of an aspect of life where the materials, colors, and textures become phrases and chapters describing the journey, not just the ending. 

His love of food and curiosity in visual language leads Nino to a study of color, texture, and forms inspired by food— he mixes them up as if they are different people. Arranging materials, colors, forms, and compositions to invoke contrast and harmony. The idea of duality is where love and hate coexist.

It’s about taking a lighthearted approach to the injustice and pain when people treat those who are different from themselves. Food is life. Ingredients are people.


We are all different, but we are also the same.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, WA:

Associate of Arts 



Amazon Inc.

Atlantis The Royal Residence

Garrigan Lyman Group

GroupHealth Cooperative

Overlake Medical Center
Trophy Cupcakes


Body of Work

2017-2020: Hope (available) 

2018-2020: Flow (sold out)

2018-current: Melting Pot (available)  

2020-current: Leftovers (available) 

2020-current: Second Life (available) 

2020-current: Snack (available)

2022-current: Cream in a Fryer (available)

2023-current: Sweet & Crunchy (available)



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