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Presenting Artist Milan Heger in partnership with Patricia Cameron Gallery. Milan embarked on the road of creating art as a young man, in response to the uniformity of colorless propaganda around him during the totalitarian regime he grew up in. Therefore, unique and original became the hallmark of his soulful art expression. Covering the non-objectionable in his performance art or in his mixed-media works, Milan Heger looks for the essence of what makes us human. 


Slovak Technical University, Bratislava:

Masters in Architecture and Engineering

School of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia:

Associate Degree in Arts

Artist Studied Under

Ernest Fisher


Bank of Hawaii

First Hawaiian Bank

Honolulu Advertiser

Body of Work

1993: Short Circuits Thoughts (available)

1993: Give and Take (available)

1994: At the Bottom of Ourselves (available)

1994: Personal Exodus (available)

1997: Portraits of Souls (available)

2001: Take me as I Am (sold out)

2004: Introspection (sold out)

2005: Symbols & Signs (available)

2006: Stealing the Soul (sold out)

2008: Here Live the Lions (available)

2010: Twelve Sightings of Her (available)

2010-current: New Vision (available)

2011: Lost City (available)

2012-13: Taboos and Denials (available)

2013: Confrontations with Ego (available)

2014: Soap and Water (available)

2014: Random Moments (available)

2017: Sightings (available) 

2017: Victory of Blue (available)

2017: Veiled (available)

2017: Artificial Intelligence (available)

2021: Duality (available) 


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