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Kimberly Balla is interested in experimentation in order to get patterns and textures that are unusual to her. Thinking about paint in a chemical way allows her to create these unfamiliar textures. By mixing various painting mediums Kimberly has developed a blend of liquids that chemically react with each other to create unique patterns and contours. Over the past seven years of working with her found technique; she has come to know and harness the mysterious process as her own. Kimberly uses a new approach to the old medium of oil paint; she mixes materials from the modern era with the timeless oils of the past. She is entrapped by her alchemical obsession with this magic-like chemical approach, which captures a natural process, freezing it in time. Continually drawn to a process that seems to touch on the endless cycle of nature and existence. The cycle of building and breaking down materials to form textures that eternally exist in the universal reality of nature and consciousness. Kimberly focuses on these patterns and textures which seem oddly familiar with the intent to create an otherworldly intimacy.  She strives to create hypnagogic lands of ethereal figures free-floating in a space in which the viewer can dive into and escape the noise of everyday life. She wishes for her work to create a void in a world that seems familiar yet unfamiliar, and encourages the discussion of the micro-macro make-up of life and distant realities.  An invitation to see the world beyond in wonder.


Western WA University, Bellingham, WA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Body of Work

2011-12: Spherical Obsession (sold out) 

2013-15: A Chemical Attraction (available) 

2015-20: Cyclical Universe (available)

2017-current: Linear Delusions (available)  

2018-current: Voids of the Unknown (available) 

2020-current: Start From the End (available)

2021-current: Conciseness (available)

2022-current: Islands (available) 


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