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Janice Tayler’s work is inspired by interactions between the built and natural environment. In her exploration of texture, she uses a variety of materials such as sand, newspaper, cardboard, paper, and twine. In her palette choices, she searches for dynamic color combinations that contrast and complement those found in nature. This combination results in dynamic and unique works of art. Photographs and drawings of landscapes ravaged by natural and manmade disasters, architectural skeletal structures including abandoned and decaying industrial sites and partially completed bridges form the base of Tayler’s compositions.  These images are juxtaposed with abstract images of organic roots, trees, and rocks. Harmonizing the tension between instability and balance engages her curiosity about materials, abstraction, and the world around her.  She creates pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives.


Concordia University, Montreal, QC:

Bachelor of Fine Arts, With Distinction,

Major in Painting & Drawing

University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB:

Bachelor of Arts, Honours,

Major in Theatre & Dance


Artists Studied Under

David Elliott

Tom Hopkins

Françoise Sullivan


Body of Work

2004-09: Ink Pools Off The Deep End (sold out)

2004-current: Deconstructed Latitudes (available)

2006-current: Blueprints SplinteredSun (available)

2006-current: Fragmented Gestures (available)

2020-current: Layered Suspensions (available)

2022-current: Wading Through Cracks (available) 


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