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Hannah Seki is a Japanese-American artist whose work represents the bi-cultural upbringing and the contrasting cultures within. That specific contrast is the point of tension in her work: Japanese ideals of understated beauty, the humbling of oneself, and the mindset of "not standing out" differ greatly from Western ideas of being unique, bold, and individualistic. The inherent contradiction between the two cultures has been an ongoing internal struggle with Seki’s sense of identity and is the catalyst for her art. Through creating art that reflects elements from both cultures, the ever-changing journey of self-identity and discovery becomes the meaning conveyed in the work.


Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA:

​Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Artists Studied Under

Rebecca George


Body of Work

2014-16: Urban Enso (sold out)

2015-19: Color Planes (sold out)

2019-current: Energies (available)

2019-current: S.C.P.- Sumi Color Play (available)

2020-current: Embracing the Quiet (available)

2020-current: Raw Nature (available)

2022-current: Linear Meanderings (available)

2022-current: Erasure (available)

2023-currnet: Speculative Nature (available) 

2023-current: Dark Matter (available)


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