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Gallery Exclusive for Washington

Seeking to understand the ever-changing aspects of humanity, Kitamura’s forms both journey through and awaken in the viewer a deep quest toward self-revelation and contemporary identity. Their surfaces are built from coils of stoneware clay, balanced carved patterns, and designs with quiet, contemplative glazes of white. Evoking tide-worn shells, heritage pottery, and fluid space, Kitamura’s pieces contain a presence and scale both human and divine. The creative process led Kitamura to explore a two- dimensional, visual landscape for the ‘life forms’ he created in clay. He found this through abstract painting. Working with oils he builds the surface with many layers of color and texture. Each surface is a new discovery.


Fujia Sakuma Ceramics, Mashiko, Japan:



AC Hotel by Marriott

Arts & Science Council, Charlotte NC

Carlisle, Sandridge & Rice LLP

CT Communications

Electrolux Corp.

First Charter Bank

Phillip Morris

Stanford Financial Group

Body of Work

2000-currnet: Humanity (available)

2003-current: Life Forms (available)

2005-10: Introspection (sold out)

2010-18: Reflections (sold out)

2013-14: Nocturne OP (sold out)

2021-current: Mending the Seams (available)


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