Stephen Yates's paintings for many years have sought to suggest an abstracted sense of energy and movement. They often deal with the idea of forms moving through atmospheres. Over the years he has often explored the element of water, from seas to streams, with forms suggesting schools of fish, shadows, reflections, and sunsets. His paintings emphasize unseen energy, with forms immersed in bursts of flickering light and marks suggesting charged fields of wind-like movement. Stephen's recent work deals with ambiguous atmospheres, suggesting everything from the macrocosm of outer space to undersea environments to the microcosm of bacteria. Such visuals, from the large to the small, and the relationships and similarities between them intrigue him and are potent source material for his art-making.

Boise State University, Boise, ID:

undergraduate work 
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR:

Bachelor of Fine Arts 
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS:

Master of Fine Arts


Museum Collections: 
Jefferson County Museum of Art & History,

Port Townsend, WA 



Alexis Hotel

Boston Harbor Elementary School                        

Cedarhurst Elementary School

City of Portland

City of Seattle
Crabbe-Husson Corporation   

Eastern Washington University

Elements Too Building

Everett Community College

Evergreen State College                    

Good Samaritan Hospital

Governor's Office, WA State

Hilton Hotel

Hyatt Hotel

Idlewild Elementary School                       

Kipton Financial Services

Kitsap Government Admin. Building

La Costa Resort

Lexus of Bellevue

Lincoln Square

Marriott Hotels

MetroHealth Medical Centers

Microsoft Corporation

MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital

New Market Skills Center

Norm Dicks Bremerton Government Center

North Thurston District Auditorium        

Olympic View Middle School

Overlake Hospital

Port Susan Middle School                        

President Hotel Project

Properties NW

Providence Hospital

Shoreline Community College                    

Smokey Point Medical Center

St. Regis Hotel 

Tacoma Community College                    

University of WA. /Cascadia College

Van Andel Institute

Viridian Financial Services

Voyager Elementary School                      

Washington State Department of Transportation

Woodmark Hotel

Yacolt Elementary School                        
Zeiger Elementary School


Body of Work:
1978-82: New Abstractions Series (sold out)
1978-current: Waters Series (available)
1982-88: Olympic Suite Series (sold out)
1988-95: Looping Series (sold out)
1987-04: Figurative Abstractions Series (sold out)
1997-08: Botanicals (sold out)
2006-current: Scapes (available)
2006-current: Cosmos, Space (available)

2017-current: Navigations (available)