Season Evans uses quilts as objects and as storytellers. Her quilts are rooted in the simple beauty and utilitarian craftsmanship of traditional quilts yet shaped in form and function by modern techniques. While exploring place and identity, her goal is to connect traditional craft with contemporary life in order to create new narratives. The quilt-making process is intimate, tactile, repetitive, often becoming a meditation on itself and strengthens her relationship between the materials and the narrative. Evans is fascinated by the essentials of the materials: the comfort and connotation of textiles, the roots of pattern, the push of geometry, and the joy of contrast. She uses both processes and materials to push the boundaries of the historical context of traditional quilt making.


St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA:

Master of Arts in Writing

Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA:

Bachelor of Science in Education


Body of Work:

2013–16: Residual Geometries (available)

2016–current: Tower (available)

Modern.   Abstract.   Conceptual.   ARTS

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