Rebecca Woodhouse's work blurs the line between painting and printmaking. She calls it Linocut Painting. Rebecca carves words into linoleum blocks of all sizes and formats.  The text gets abstracted within the layers and the build-up of paint, but it is the building block of all her pieces. She writes about life, current events, the art process, and music. With a paintbrush, Rebecca adds emphasized geometry to the work. She fills in places where the texture is built up so much that the paint of the blocks can no longer reach. Rebecca meticulously paints and stipple the edges.


Music has had a powerful influence on Rebecca's entire life.  From a strong bass line to the lyrics, the energy and the emotional content are reflected in her art. The music her parents listened to when she was little still resonates with her.  The scene Rebecca found herself in as a teenager still drives her. The relationship people have with music is often related to the connection we have with visual art.  Your favorite music either makes you sing and dance or stop and listen, just like your favorite piece of art strikes a chord within you.  You’ve found your song, your band, your piece of art.  


California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC:

Bachelor of Arts

Oxford University, Oxford UK:

Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies


Body of Work:

1995-99: Life in Oils (sold out) 

1999-00: Abstract Fractals (available) 

2000-05: Text Art (available)

2000-05: Impasto (available)

2000-05: Atmospheric (available) 

2002-05: Glazed Words (available)

2005-07: Resin Codex (available) 

2006-07: Family Shadow Box (sold out)

2009-15: Additive Linocuts (available)

2015-17: Equinox (available)

2017-current: Melodies (available)  

2017-current: Lyrics (available) 

2020-curent: Large & Small (available)

Modern.   Abstract.   Conceptual.   ARTS

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