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Emerging from New York's East Village School in the late 70s and early 80s, Hirsch's work exemplifies and then transcends the energetic graffitist's approach to surfaces, filling them with dense patterns of signs, symbols, and calligraphic scrawls.

Hirsch has created an ideographic language that is forceful and direct in its simplicity yet profound in its implications. Throughout his growth and evolution as an artist, Hirsch's work draws upon his iconographic visual vocabulary regardless of the medium he chooses, reflecting for the viewer basic elements of our modern lives.

Kirkland Gallery show March 2023


School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY:

​Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graphic Design


Artists Studied Under: 

Raphael Ferrer

Milton "I love New York" Glaser

Joel Shapiro

Joey Skaggs  

Harry E. Wilson, Jr.


Museum Collections:

Jane Vorhees Zimmerli ArMuseum NJ



Marabeni Corporation

Toshiba Corporation

Bristol Myers Squibb Co. 

Johnson & Johnson 

The Stride Rite Corporation 

Rutgers Center For Innovative Printmaking NJ


Body of Work: 

1970-80: Photo Realism (sold out)

1970-80: Selected works on paper (available)

1970-80: Selected works on canvas (available)

1970-current: Photo Images (available)

1970-current: Objects (available)

1980-90: Black & Yellow (available)

1980-90: Black and Yellow objects (available)

1980-90: Biomorphic (available)

1980-90: Heads (available)

1980-90: MPLE Diary images (available)

1980-90: Plates (available)

1980-90: Screens (available)

1980-90: Time Capsule (sold out)

1980-90: Steel Sculptures (sold out)

1980-90: Sticks (sold out)

1980-90: Cones of Knowledge (available)

1980-90: Diary paintings on paper (available)

1980-90: Strid Rite Edition I (available)

1990-00: PBH Clothing & Textiles Japan (sold out)

1990-00: Congo (available)

1990-00: Die Sublimation (available)

1990-current: AP image work MLE (available)

1990-00: 48x48 Diary Canvas (available)

1990-current: Multipage Enlargements (available)

1990-00: Ambient glass light sculptures (sold out)

1990-00: Retro Reinvented (available)

1990-00: Lithographs (limited availability)

1990-00: Serigraph (limited availability)

1990-00: Strid Rite Edition II (available)

1990-00: Black & White Grid (available)

1990-00: Black & White Cut-Outs (available)

2000-current: Gatherings & Bundles (available)

2000-current: Death Box (available)

2000-10: Time restriction 10 min (available)

2000-10: Mutating & Fascinated (available)

2000-10: Feeder & Maker prints (available)

2000-10: Pigs (sold-out)

2000-current: Objects & Things (available)

2010-21: Skulls (sold out)

2010-21: Mini Memory Cones (sold out)

2010-current: Tarps large (available)

2010-current: Radioactive works (available)

2010-21: Glitter Hunks (available) 

2010-current: RadioactiveFlora&Fauna (available)

2010-current: Painting with Flowers (available) 

2010-current: Radioactive rain work (available) 

2010-current: Middle Seat Portraits (available) 

2010-current: Radioactive winter NFT (available) 

2010-current: Plastic Proto paintings (available)

2010-current: First Nation Obliteration (available)

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