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Mark Fuller's paintings stimulate the viewer to participate in an ongoing conversation. His work is a dynamic invitation to interact with and interpret one's own response. Mark's work often searches for the contrasting elements of our world and our lives. Suggesting bridges, balancing unifiers and expansive order. A sort of ever-changing therapy. Mark's paintings offer multiple doorways to enter, questions to ponder and solutions to find. 


The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA:

Bachelor or Arts

Antioch University, Seattle, WA:

Master of Arts, Psychology

Artists Studied Under

Elizabeth Allen

Harold "Hal" Buckner

Mike Moran

Museum Collections

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA 




Body of Work

1985-88: Red House, Yellow Dog (sold out) 

1988: Apollo and Sons (sold out) 

1989: Ghostland Memories (sold out) 

1990: Contortions (sold out) 

1990: Portraits (sold out) 

1993: New Mexico Series I-IV (sold out) 

1994: Ghostland Memories II (sold out) 

1998: Dagwood II (sold out) 

2013-17: Ghostland Memories III (available) 

2017: Out of Darkness (available) 

2017-18: Unity (available)  

2019: A.R.T. (available) 

2019: Retention of Faculties (sold out) 

2020 Small Cross (available)

2021: Oyster Ball Smalls (sold out) 

2022: Large Crosses (available)

2023-current: Endless Beginnings (available)

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