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Gallery Exclusive for Washington


Ross creates paintings that combine two visual concepts. When viewed from some distance his canvases have a soft, luminous, atmospheric glow obscuring surface detail, but when a viewer approaches the canvas for closer inspection, its phosphorescent effect retreats into the surface revealing the many subtle, intricate details that comprise the whole. Surfaces are built up using a variety of acrylic media, including iridescent and interference colors, applied in translucent to almost transparent layers. Marc often draws on the canvas between paint applications using pastels, pencils and color pencils to affect the overall image and to shift color values. Some paint layers are scraped into with sponges, sticks or fingers. An electric sander is used to smooth out any build-up of texture and to bring forward colors and patterns obscured in previous layers. Each application of paint is lapped over the side of the canvas leaving a visual memory map of the process for those who are willing to look around the ragged edges. In this way, he emphasizes that the surface is an illusion of nothing more than paint. Ross’s most recent paintings incorporate an internalized frame showing the progression of preceding color layers early in the life of the painting, an important continuation of his desire to leave exposed portions of the painting process. Ross perceives each finished painting as a metaphor for the layers of life’s experiences we encounter as we age. As the Talking Heads questioned in their song, “Once in a Lifetime,” Well, how did I get here?


Ohio University, Athens, OH:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL:
Master of Fine Arts Program

Kent State University, Kent, OH:

Master of Fine Arts

Ashland University, Columbus, OH:

Master of Arts Education

Artists Studied Under

Dennis Adams

Vera Kelment

Ron Kroutel

Dana Loomis

Craig Lucas

Gary Pettigrew

Harold Rosenberg

Museum Collection

The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown


Farrow & Wren Interiors

Gardner Inc.

Hilton Hotel, Cleveland

Hilton Hotel, Columbus

Micro Center

Queensland Investment Corp.

Skilken Inc.

Suburban Steel

The Snavely Group

Thompson Hine LLP

Zinc Insurance Co.

Body of Work

2000-current: Luminous Meditations (available)


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