Cyclical Universe Series 

Kimberly Balla's paintings are about a chemical process of approaching paint. She focuses on how the paint can move and change itself & how she can manipulate that change. Cilia-like protrusions radiate outwards into an ocean of liquid glazes. Swirling patterns of flowing paint & metallic pigment settle into a loosely controlled composition. A discovery & manipulation of a technique which captures a chemical process freezing it in time. In her process, she is primarily interested in experimentation in search of patterns and textures which are unique and unusual to her. Kimberly's technique is created using a blend of liquid painting mediums which chemically react to create unique patterns and contours throughout the paint surface. This process of glazing and manipulating the watery chemical layers assists in creating a deep otherworldly surface.

Modern.   Abstract.   Conceptual.   ARTS

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