Jeffrey Glossip’s paintings are self-contained systems. They draw upon the history of painting but stand alone as new visual machines. Form and color are utilized to fold and open space within and upon the two-dimensional plane. Flatness and directness of painterly applications dominate. As such, representational and illusory devices are not employed. The shape is usually prescribed through its purpose in layer or composition. Mechanisms of shape events and interactions are echoed to make a cohesive and working system within each work. Paint is applied as a physical and uninflected means to its own end... as a carrier of color and light. Color comes from observations of natural and artificial sources...sometimes pacific, sometimes caustic...often together in concert. Painting-objects are the result of his practice. Each work stands alone as its own vehicle. Everything is considered. But chance and the unexpected are nurtured. Often, the raw canvas chassis is visible in the paintings, always tying the work to its very physical actual self.  The works are visual event statements.


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA:

Master of Fine Arts

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lancaster University, Lancaster, England

Body of Work:

2000-08: Fear (sold out)

2003-10: Flat Plane (available)

2007-09: Anchor (available)

2007-12: Stripes (available)

2008-12: Grids (available)

2014-current: Space (available)

2018-current: Composition (available)

2020-current: Emulsion (available) 

Modern.   Abstract.   Conceptual.   ARTS

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