Gianna DiBartolomeo's work combines the vivid carefree colors found in everyday Miami life with labor-intensive repetitive processes. Her subject matter captures the grit and glamour of life: the places it takes us, the bumps in the road, and the discoveries along the way. Her work is how she better understands and relates to the world around her.  

Artist Solo Show March 2022


Florida International University, Miami FL:

Master of Fine Arts

Bachelor in Fine Arts


Artists Studied Under: 

Pip Brant 

Clive King 

Jacek Kolasinski 



Blue Man Group 

Marriott Palm Springs

Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables 


Body of Work:

2006-07: Rose Colored Glasses (sold out)

2008: Windowpain (sold out)

2008: What Remains (sold out)

2009-15: Say What (available) 

2009-15: Going the Distance (sold out)

2009-15: World's Apart (sold out)

2010: Less is More (sold out)

2010-current: Thank Your Lucky Stars (available)

2011: My Kid's A Genus Alphabet

2012-current: All That Glitters (available) 

2013-current: Touch from Above (available)

2013-14: All's Fair in Love and War

2014: Somewhere in Between (available) 

2014-Current: beLOVE (available) 

2014-15: Home Sweet Home (available)

2015-16: Look Closer (available)

2015-current: Moving Mountains (available)

2016: Great White (sold out)

2017-current: Fragmented Flowers (available) 

2018: Dear Grandpa (sold out) 

2018-current: Art Speak Scholar (available) 

2018: Magnify the Walls (available)

2018: Women's Work is Never Done (available) 

2018-current: Tread (available)

2019-current: Mantra (available)