Florida International University, Miami FL:

Master of Fine Arts

Bachelor in Fine Arts


Artists Studied Under: 

Pip Brant 

Clive King 

Jacek Kolasinski 



Blue Man Group 

Marriott Palm Springs

Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables 


Body of Work:

2006-07: Rose Colored Glasses (sold out)

2008: Windowpain (sold out)

2008: What Remains (sold out)

2009-15: Say What (available) 

2009-15: Going the Distance (sold out)

2009-15: World's Apart (sold out)

2010: Less is More (sold out)

2010-current: Thank Your Lucky Stars (available)

2011: My Kid's A Genus Alphabet

2012-current: All That Glitters (available) 

2013-current: Touch from Above (available)

2013-14: All's Fair in Love and War

2014: Somewhere in Between (available) 

2014-Current: beLOVE (available) 

2014-15: Home Sweet Home (available)

2015-16: Look Closer (available)

2015-current: Moving Mountains (available)

2016: Great White (sold out)

2017-current: Fragmented Flowers (available) 

2018: Dear Grandpa (sold out) 

2018-current: Art Speak Scholar (available) 

2018: Magnify the Walls (available)

2018: Women's Work is Never Done (available) 

2018-current: Tread (available)

2019-current: Mantra (available) 





Modern.   Abstract.   Conceptual.   ARTS

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