Bonnie Smerdon navigates psychological space and the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. Borrowing imagery from landscape and architecture, her work oscillates between traditions of abstraction and realism. With acrylic on canvas, Smerdon glazes thin layers of paint to capture smooth lighting transitions; these techniques contrast large swathes of textured breaks which she applies using palette knives and other tools. Often painting from memory, Bonnie explores interactions of light and space. This work pushes against spatial logic and leans into the often fallible recollection of familiar architectural environments. The landscapes and structures become storehouses for emotional experience, habitual patterns, and a search for the extraordinary. Street lamps, sidewalks and parking lots find their way in her paintings as frequently encountered memory objects. This work deals with a collective experience, time and an evolving human response to the environments we inhabit.


Western WA University, Bellingham, WA:

Bachelor of Fine Arts



Nytec Inc. 


Body of Work:

2014-15: Vestiges (available)

2015-current: Rebuild from Memory (available) 

2018-current: Interval (available)