This series of 200 10x10 oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings on paper revolves around the landscape acting as a stage for the playing out of occult phenomena. Recurring and archetypal mysticisms occur throughout many of Andy’s paintings. Notions of the traditional landscape being breathtaking and scenic become marred by an aberration resulting from some skewed form of mysticism. Referencing the occult’s fascination with utopian & dystopian scenarios is tantamount. Andy’s focus running throughout all these paintings is an examination of how utopian occult philosophies and beliefs came to be and how they are continuing to evolve or morph into more subliminal and progressively esoteric obfuscations


The use of supernatural agencies: The scepter - ornament in which to poke and propose the heavens – to make the crown crooneth. Occult phenomena and sites such as burning bushes, holy mountains, axis mundi, temples, prehistoric shaman lairs, eschatological architecture, lingams, Ka’aba squares, totem poles, maypoles, sweat lodges ,shaking tents, sacred trees, burial mounds, supernatural crop circles, steeples, henges, runes, megaliths, apparitions, holy cows, bodies at Jonestown, halos, cemeteries, tombstones, orbs, spontaneous combustion or spontaneous births, transportals, ley lines, geomancy, divining rods, mystics, witches, squatters, gypsy caravans, monastic sanctuaries, sheafs and stalks of foliage, the Manson clan, geodesic domes, hippie architecture and vagrant shelters, yurts, quinzees, crystalline fountains, cosmic trees, labyrinths, pyramids, feng shui or qi deflection in Eastern architecture, buttresses, spires, finials, nomad religious rites, seances, auratic evaporation, aghoripanthi shanties, stylites perches, majestic and mysterious animal totems and lycanthropy are a central recurring theme spread throughout Andy’s work.

Wall Display Artwork Titles

Wall One

Horizontal Row 1 (L to R)

1. Ginseng Poacher

2. Assoupissement

3. Attraction: Scenic Overlook

Horizontal Row 2 (L to R)

1. Downward Social Mobility (immigrant song)

2. Heteroscope

3. Same Season

4. A Rat's Transmission

5. Whispers on Dew

6. The Great Nano-Niche Party

7. A Song is a Song From a Song McKenna Says

8. Antipassatista

9. (sold) Puja

10. Like a Massage From a Masseuse With a Hangnail

11. Superstitious Response

12. Cro-magnon Cowboys

13. Pruned Pathologies

14. The Most Corroded Terminal of Masculinity

15. The Streamers & ramparts Postpone Display Behind the Knoll of Hidden Heights

16. Wilderness Meditation as Pile Driver

17. Accept Cookies

18. The Grave Was Never Meant to be a Shrine

19. The Circumambulations of a Sub-aesthetic Poet

20. I Never Really Got Art
21. War Correspondent (first generation)

Horizontal Row 3 (L to R)

1. Little Lust Land

2. Procedure Polished

3. Pettings of Paintings

4. B'ak'tuns Before Man (revel in shapes)

5. Pavillion Nomme Sansquartier (flag called no quarter)

6. Immaculate Graves Me Equals Eternal Rest

7. Myrrh-maid

8. Bleached Bone Bog Blues

9. Go Bye-bye

10. A Digestible Elysium

11. Tudor Wattle & Door

12. (sold) Let's Go Tell Mom

13. Armchair Ethnography

14. Early Monumentalized Landscape (stalagmite forms)

15. The Masochistic Hunting Grounds of Ego & Libido

16. The Mongrol Undergoes Forced Sterilization

17. Draft Animal

18. The Raelian Extraterrestrial Embassy

19. Bloods

20. Giants

21. Saturnine

Horizontal Row 4 (L to R)

1. Fundraising The Second Coming

2. Deadlift Brooklyn

3. Kefir Ingest

4. Lhnbyrde

5. Full Quiver - No Blood

6. Prejudice/Postjudice

7. Offering of an Adversary

8. (sold) As if Sun Hail Upon Starlets

9. Pyramid At Its Most Pre-pubescent

10. Dersu Uzala

11. The Surfeit Stomp

12. Prickle-Vision II

13. Fear of Annihilation (FOA movement)

14. Wrote You a Love Letter But Pitched It

15. Dude Directionless (trakita)

16. The City Fair & Furnished

17. Mate Material

18. A Professor of Dark Collusions

19. Piss on a Dirt Floor Now Makes It a Mud Floor

20. Crooked Candles

21. Yin Xi

Horizontal Row 5 (L to R)

1. Gorgons Gone Wild

2. Easter Egg Hunt

3. As if Night Progresses

Wall Two

Horizontal Row 1 (L to R)

1. The Harassment is Merely Virtual

2. Leaders Limping

3. Scapegoating - The Shadow Thereof

4. Any Major Guru Will Tell You

5. No More Frontiers

6. Chopsfest

Horizontal Row 2 (L to R

1. Call for Artists

2. Images X Exponents

3. Temples on Mars

4. Anthropophagi

5. The First Molecules, Poking Through the Chaotic Strata Belched Upon the Plain Their Leftover Detritus & Ogres Exaltation of the Ego Garbed in the Wreath Bunting Burn Pile

6. Feasting, Fighting, Fun!

7. Guru With the Dirty Aura

8. Tan Line on Your Wedding Day

9. The Admixture of the Gods Had Diminished by That Point

10. Web Wave Function

11. According to a Standard We Are Too Lowly to Discern

12. Consigliere to the Suits

13. To Kick the Shifting of the Sands - Appellate Pipes of Diamond Dust in Hand

14. Stylites

15. The Plasticity is Strong (plasticities stronghold)

16. Hulk Hide

17. Balsam Mountain

18. An Attempt at Love That Inevitably Destroys Its Target

19. Mourning Talk Show

20. Alpenglo

21. Act of God

22. A Hymn of Praise to Ra When He Riseth in the Eastern Horizon of Heaven

23. Jaggarnath

24. Cuddles with Corporations & Cortez

Horizontal Row 3 (L to R)

1. Enochian 

2. Call of duty

3. Horizon as Ontophage

4. Megafauna

5. Hollow-gram

6. The Sun Festooned High Above the Clouds - Wrinkles Wrought Around the Occluded Oculus - Agaric Broth Hag's Mane the Haunch of Hound - the Ways of the Dark Ages

7. Constellate Into Visibility

8. Magic Jack

9. A Life in Graven Images & Idolatry

10. The Resplendent Robes of the Combsom

11. Fire TV Cube on I49 Arkansas

12. Hygenesis Says the Church

13. Taiga, 1934

14. Surrender Yourself to Love

15. Frackalline/Fragmentine

16. Toxicity Levels Were High

17. You Too Can Distort Space Time

18. It's Lame That They Would Come by Spaceship

19. Many Mafias

20. Pompeii Tooeii
21. Mother & Child Out Shopping

22. Bikini Draped on Poolside Furniture

23. An Unpopular Spring Break

24. Art Spores

Horizontal Row 4 (L to R)

1. John Frum Makes Good on His Promise

2. Reports of a Wonderous Barbarian Realm

3. Herding with Wording

4. Lakes of Jupiter

5. Unhewn, Violent, Drunk on Topaz Wine

6. Herfur

7. Khaibit 

8. Tiger Blood - & There be no Desecration Even on The Ground About The Tomb

9. The Narcissist's Defense

10. Too Long in The Bush (the ring cycle)

11. Girl Feeding Chickens

12. Dreams Are Vision Poems (pond at dusk)

13. Coronations on Steamboats

14. All The Kings Phlegm

15. Sun is Sick

16. Chessboard of Archlenders

17. Violent Redress of Perceived Wrongs

18. Life: The Sandbox Game

19. Amazonz

20. Nouvelle Vague

21. Heradling Serums in an Archaic Urn She Laid Us All Under a Parasol of Rhapsodies Stretching a Diffusive Mote of Ecstasy Before Our Eyes

22. Filter, Filter, Filter, Filter, Filter, Filter, Filter

23. Emerald Lake, Cuetico

24. Diamondhead

Horizontal Row 5 (L to R)

1. Glamping

2. Post-colonial Dictator: I Have Eaten Human Meat. It is Very Salty. Even More Salty Than Leopard Meat.

3. Harvest hogs

4. Spook Appropriation

5. Birthing Ritual of Shapeshifters

6. The Cubit was Instated as The Measurement of Choice

7. Mail-order Magic

Wall Three

Horizontal Row 1 (L to R)

1. Mastered Their Environment Then Disappeared

Horizontal Row 2 (L to R)

1. Grave Goods (garage sale upon a tomb)

2. Seppuku (guilt cultures solution)

3. Ugandan Puppeteer

4. Adi Shankara

5. Humanunkind

6. Prior to the Age of Fuels

7. Festivals of the Fiends

8. Damanhur Sect: Rhizomorphic Incense

9. (sold) Bonnie Bonnie Lass

10. Element 115 & the Cross-breeding program

11. Catch Up with Vision/Ketchup with Vision

12. Geyser/Geezer

13. Geddan Dance

14. Existing as if Full-blown Poet

Horizontal Row 3 (L to R)

1. Rearview Mirror

2. Uncle Cookiefoot's Deer Mount

3. The Nation

4. Ruler Lacking the Mandate of Heaven

5. Neural Canyon (abridged)

6. Most Have a Foreign Complex

7. Bahz'i zhe 'oon

8. I Was a Former Neurotic

9. (sold) Clearest Diatribe

10. In The Year 539628002 BCE a Trilobite Died & Left its Body - No Humans Were on Hand to Record The Departure

11. Greasy Gold

12. Index of Refractions & Mirages

13. Harbingers & Heralds of Millenarian Mormons, Methodists…Midwesterners

14. The Stepping Stone at The Pillars of The Pillars of The Pillars of The Pillars Supporting The Pillars of The Pillar

Horizontal Row 4 (L to R)

1. Drone strike!

2. Methedral

3. Limp Totem

4. Sawanih

5. Unsuccessful hunting

6. It is Better to be a Good Man Than to Darken The Hills With Your Ponies

7. Armistice

8. They Said to Self-criticize & Repent Through Immolation

9. The Mezzofauna Was Detected and…

10. Cult Group Grope

11. The Greatest Breach of The Great Wall Came by Bribe

12. Dulled Neurons Tour

13. The Vapors Had Receded Taking Their Station Under a Cerulean Sky

14. The Cave is Too Crowded - Abide ye a While

Horizontal Row 5 (L to R)

1. Clawed the Soil

2. Happening Upon a Building At Medium Speed

3. McMimicry