"My most recent body of work is a series of acrylic sculptures created by using a process I developed called ‘Living Lines.’ In this process I employ techniques of painting, life, and printmaking.” 


Charlotte Dean is a visual artist and a writer originally from Los Angeles, California. She has traveled all over the world, studying art in New York City, Mexico City, and Seattle. In 2012 she received her BA Summa Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts. Charlotte is the creator of “Printing from Life,” a technique combining dry point and life drawing. In addition to her fine arts career, Charlotte is also the author and illustrator of the "My Crazy Baby Brother" series.




Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA

Jesus Reyes-Heroles Cultural Center, Mexico City, MX

Bard College, Anandale-on-Hudson, NY

Sakura Snow

Etched Acrylic Block, Paint 16x16x2


A.J. Moves

Etched Acrylic Block, Paint 18x16x2